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europeans on tumblr: “wë dô nöt håvë räcism iń êürœpë! amërïcå iš têrriblë!”


Ate too much yesterday but I don’t have homework or tests today 🙋


me changing my blog theme 


me changing my blog theme 

Im probably intimidated by u if u are a)a human
That is it
U all r scary and cooler than me


I love it when someone on tumblr goes on a crazy ant-semitic rant about Israel, including things like blood libel and global conspiracies, and the best defense goyim can muster is “don’t conflate Jews and Zionists.”

Man I got English and a quiz I got to study for


Still more signs.


Forest Edge - Wassily Kandinsky 1903


Forest Edge - Wassily Kandinsky 1903


Is it weird that I feel safer around pro-Israel Jews than pro-Palestine Gentiles, despite being a pro-Palestine Jew?


No. Pro-Israel Jews aren’t silent about anti-semitism, don’t uncritically pass around anti-semitic propaganda, don’t deny the history of Jewish persecution, don’t compare you to a Nazi, have clear motives however much you might disagree with them, actually visibly care about the survival of the Jewish people, even if you disagree about how best to go about it, and don’t tokenize you. 

Honestly, the apathy towards, tacit approval of and occasional perpetuation of anti-semitism shown by so many anti-zionist gentiles does more to justify Zionism to me than anything Netanyahu could ever do or say. 

When 300,000 Jews fleeing German occupied Europe from 1933-1942 rant to Palestine, it wasn’t because of anti-Arab racism or Settler-Colonialism. It’s because they were fleeing persecution. The sheer APATHY towards those circumstances exhibited by so many anti-zionist gentiles makes me angry.

I mean, I can understand believing Israel is illegitimate. But to treat refugees like they were no different than the Boers? They didn’t run away to profit, they ran away to live. The US was barred. Much of Europe was barred. Where were they supposed to go? And if anyone says they should’ve stayed in Germany and Austria I have 6 million reasons why they can go fuck themselves.

You can be against Israel’s actions without dismissing anti-semitism, without denigrating Jewish history, without spreading Khazar conspiracy bullshit. But they do it or they allow it to be done. They deny the causal link between anti-semitism and Zionism, even though it’s obvious, and, in doing so, make their spaces feel unsafe for Jews. They excuse anti-semitism in their midst as “just a small fringe” rather than calling it out and pushing it aside forcefully. They don’t understand that Jews have more power to affect change in Israel than gentiles do, but they are empowering the most conservative voices with every anti-semitic micro-aggression and actual aggression they allow to happen. 

The lesson I learned running this blog last summer is that gentile anti-zionists care more about being called anti-semitic than about whether or not they actually are anti-semitic. 

At the end of the day lies the unfortunate question: if some modern version of the Amalekites comes for us again, will the anti-zionist gentiles have our backs if there is no longer a Jewish State? There’s no question other Jews will. 


Someone please go frisbee with this guy.

I smoked a keif blunt today first times for everything shit hit hard as a mother fucker too high lmao